we use two netware 6.5 Sp7 server in a netware cluster with clustered dhcp.
On both servers there is running dns, not clusterd.

Now we got this problems on server two, wich is not the active cluster member.

Unable to get the RR values with error -601 while updating the RRSet:1
9.100_168_192_IN-ADDR_ARPA.xxx.yyy.DE for deletion
error: client updating zone '100.168.192.IN-ADDR.ARPA/IN'
Novell DDNS : Failure in write_to_journal_and_edir. Add failed for reverse zone

And this on server one, active member:

11.03.2009 8.37.55 : DHCPSRVR-3.14-0
Cannot add FQDN: MYYY.mydomain.de with address: to
DNS server.

Can this cause network problem, performance problems?
What can i do?
Any ideas?
Big thanks!!