While trying to manage BM 3.8 in NetWare Administrator, all tabs when accessed give the following message.

"The NDS Schema Can not be extended Error: -678"

Here is what the parameters are:

dsrepair has been completed with no errors
problem has been seen with BM 3.7 and BM 3.8
problem has been seen with NDS 8.7.1 - 8.7.3.
NWAdmin run from BM Server(also have tried from workstation)
BM snapins installed (to server and workstation)
Windows XP sp1a with latest patches.
4.9 client with post sp1a patches.
I am running NW6.04, NDS 8.7.3, and Windows XP Pro.

I am at my wits end with this problem. I have been struggling with this issue for over 8 months now. I thought it was repaired with BM 3.8 sp1a after I installed it but the error came right back a few days later.

Does anyone have some insight into this problem? Any help appreciated!!