Hallo together,

symptom was that we were able to access Netware Cluster Volumes which were mapped during login but we could NOT access the volumes with the UNC path. It always asked to authenticate again.

When I used the IP address of the cluster resource the volume was accessable.

Further investigation showed that the IP address access appeared in "My Network Places" below "Entire Network" and "Microsoft Windows Network" and "DomainName". So it looks like that this access was with the CIFS share on the server.

Access with the UNC path appeard in "My Network Places" below "Novell Connections".

So it showed that "Network Provider" order in the Advanced Settings in the Network Connections was wrong. I had the following order:
Microsoft Terminal Services
Microsoft Windows Network
Web Client Network
TDM Network Provider
Novell NetIdentity Credential Provider
Netware Services
Rearranged the order to have Netware Services on top and reboot. Ok everything fine, access to UNC operational. BUT after 2nd reboot the same problem came up again.

It showed that during reboot the "Network Provider" order had been reset to the wrong order, but the initial access after 1st reboot always worked.

I found out after a couple of hours and looking for the source of "TDM Network Provider" within the list of Network Providers that the problem was the "EMBASSY Trusted Drive Manager".

The "TDM Network Provider" belongs to the Dell Control Point Security Manager. And that forced the wrong order of the Network Providers. After uninstalling the "Dell ControlPoint Security Manager" - which was not used anyhow - the problem was solved.

It seems that these EMBASSY Sofware packages are installed on every new Dell Desktop and Laptop.

Good luck if you ever get that problem