I am starting to have all kinds of fun with Vista. I have been running a couple of Vista 32 bit Workstations for a while, and have got iprint clients and printers working well. Now I have a single Vista 64 bit machine, that I have found a client for, but my issue is uploading 64-bit drivers for the printers.

My Server is a Netware 6.5 SP7, running iPrint. I have downloaded the 64 bit driver for the HP Laserjet 1505n. The workstation I am using is running Vista 32 bit. When I tried to upload the Driver through iManager, I got an error stating the operation could not be completed. I poked around a little, and found I had Version 5.02 of the iPrint Client. So I updated to the 5.12 version. Now when I try to upload the driver for the hp, I get the windows add printer window, I select the have disk option, browse to the extracted files for the 64 bit print driver, and I get a message of no driver information found. It looks as if it is trying to add it to windows, before it uploads to the broker. Any thoughts?

Also as a side note, now when I try to add drivers for ANY other os, when clicking on the add from file button, I gat the error module can not be found.

Any help on this?

Thanks much