I've already submitted a feature request on this. I am starting to get my ZfDS 10 stabilized as I figure work arounds on the bugs. This is the latest one I've discovered and have a *fix* for.

If you have a registry action set to delete a key that does not exist, then ZfDS will error out and get stuck on that bundle, basically looping. The relevant log entry is this;

[DEBUG] [03/11/2009 08:12:26.764] [1752] [ZenworksWindowsService] [13] [] [ActionManager] [] [Action handler Registry Edit Action finished processing Registry Editor HKLMCleanup with error: ActionHandlers.RegistryEditHandler.OperationError.] [] []

Since I have a lot of keys I wish to delete, I'm not going to create a separate bundle for each key and put a system requirement. With the web GUI that would take forever. So I just click the "continue on failure" option. It's less than ideal, but ZfDS quit working today on my stations as they got hung up on a bundle trying to delete legacy ZfDS 6.5 keys they may or may not have. Discovering this, I found other bundles that were causing the same issue.