Please excuse the long post.

I am running NW65sp7, installed as an OES2 server, not updated from previous version level.
Server Version 5.70.7, eDir 8.8 sp2 SMP, NDS 20216.51

On a Dell 1900 with 4 GB memory,
2 nic cards.
Broadcom NetX II Vers. 3.41
Intel Pro/1000 PCI-E Ver. 10.43

Installed the server at the beginning of the New Year, and from the beginning things didnt seem right.

The server was abending due to unknown memory errors, LSL.NLM and Proxy errors. Did the usual things, checked TIDs, changed out memory and so forth.

During those couple months I also had issues with CPfilter; though the server would not abend I would have to manually load and unload CPFilter every couple days to stop the 404 forbidden errors.

I was receiving the old memory errors that where associated with CPFilter 6.0(Im running 6.1). Went through all the standard TIDs and related information I could dig up on these issues. No help.

On Thursday Feb. 26th, I installed Service patches BM39sp2, NSS657A.

The server then started abending with problems executing code in CPFILTER.NLM and LSL.NLM receiving LSLReturnRcvECB, errors.

Things kept getting worse.

On Thursday March 5th, I completed the procedure outlined in TID 3321740 BorderManager Proxy and Cache Performance and Tuning. Most of the suggested tweaking was already set, there where a few exceptions most notably the NSS /cachebalance setting and upping the ECB count. This seemed to take care of the LSL errors, but now CPfilter will not load and causes an abend looping condition when it tries. The server has to be rebooted and SurfControl needs to be removed from ACL for it to stop.

Ive copied the entire cpfitler directory from another working server (Dell 2900, NW65SP7, updated from SP6, 4 GB ram) and have also reinstalled using the original set up executable. Still nothing.

Any help would greatly be appreciated.