Hopefully just a quick question here. We are about to build and deploy our first OES2 server(s). Our plan is to use OES2SP1, and we want to ensure that we do updating the correct way without causing any problems. We use an automated build process to build our servers as SLES10 SP2 servers, which as part of the process registers each box with an internal SMT server, and then performs an update to ensure that we have all the most recent updates on the server. We plan on then installing OES2SP1 after the server is built. Once we do that will the server automatically see that it needs to update the OES2 products as well, or is there something we need to do to make that happen. Also, will it create any problem to install OES2SP1 onto a server that has already been updated, or do we need to install it before the server gets updated the first time?

Thanks for your help.