Hmmm . . .

NW 6.5.7 source server running GW PO only.

I'm using dbcopy.exe from an attached Windows 2000 Server (don't ask why) to
copy the GW PO to a separate NW 6.5.7 destination server (not running GW).

I'm using a Windows XP machine to robocopy that copy of the GW PO to itself
(for offsite storage).

I noticed that my robocopy started saying "OLDER" on a lot of files, and I
found that the files on the 2nd Netware server are off by 1 hour.

Now I've double checked everything I can find -- all 4 machines (2 Netware,
1 Windows 2000, 1 Windows XP) are all synchronized to the same server for
time, and they all have the correct DST settings (they all show currently on
DST). I went through the GW Time Zones and they all show correctly (as
evidenced by the fact that we have no problems with GW calendar

Could there be some strange issue with dbcopy itself? Or is there something
else I should be looking at?

I'm robocopy'ing hundreds of Gb's that I don't need to because the timestamp
is off by 1 hour.

Or maybe it's a robocopy problem.

A simple dos "dir" command shows the times off by 1 hour.