I am working on creating a new bundle to install our antivirus software. In the past our zen application ran a batch file that referred to a drive letter path mapped from our login script. The users have rights to the drive letter mapped path on the network.
I added:
NET USE F: \\servername\volume
to the batch file and compiled the batch file to an exe and verified the exe was functional.

I would have thought that if the launch action was set to run as dynamic administrator or secure system user the drives would be mapped for them. However, the bundle is still complaining of not able to find the path.

There are two actions in my bundle.
1) Install Files that copies the file from the Netware Server to c:\temp.
2) Launch Windows Executable from c:\temp.

I can get the bundle to work with my CorpDLU policy placing the user in the Local Administrator Group. However, I can't get it to work with my LFOBDLU policy placing the user in the Local User Group.

We are making a company wide policy change from Local Administrators to Local Users.

I've tried to change the launch to run as secure user system with the LFOBDLU as Local User but it fails.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.