Hi Guys

Can I run this scenario past you for comment

As we are no closer to getting adsl we have had to change our sytem to a
faster satellite solution. This comes with an IDU and an Arc box, the Arc
box has Public and Private IP's and does all the Firewall (with Port
Forwarding), Cacheing, DNS, Nat etc and also has a Web server and Mail
Server included, details can be found at www.aramiska.com and it is the
Arc2000, if anyone wants to look at any points I havent covered.

I still need to use my BM3.7 server for NDS authentication and SurfControl
and my view is that I will not need to enable filtering as a VPN is not
needed and can turn off HTTP Proxy and reverse proxy as they could conflict
with the cache in the Arc Box. So if I get the Public on the BM talking to
the Private on the Arc box, with static Nat on the BM private and dynamic on
the BM Public that will be all that I need.

Please feel free to shoot me down in flames if you feel the urge, as this
was installed yesterday and I need it doing it's business quickly before the
school comes back and ask me if I had a good Easter break, What is that, I
often wonder, is it something to do with that word I hear a lot of people
talking about "Holidays". I always was too old for this business, and it
doesn't get any better.

Westonbirt School