We're running several servers with OES/SLES 9 and OES2/SLES 10.

We're experiencing repeated hangs on namcd process.

These hangs are so frequent that in some servers we've forced to add lines to the crontab to kill namcd process and restart it.

All servers are at least IBM xSeries 236 with 6GiB RAM.

Another problem is that when the user logs on the server in KDE or Gnome, and console gets locked by screensaver, the dialog to unlock it doesn't works, and we have to ssh to the server to kill the screensaver process.

In the other hand, I had a chance of installing a SLES 10 SP2 server without installing OES2 in it, so I configured it to authenticate it in LDAP (using our master eDir server as LDAP source). It just worked smootlhy, without any hangup, and even the screensaver worked without problem.

So I ask you, what's the difference on using LDAP authentication, to the use of namcd/LUM???

If I disable namcd and activate LDAP authentication on a OES/OES2 server, what kind of problem may I have?