I noticed this anomoly recently after I got rid of IPX and now have IP only
network. The trouble is (referring to the fix in the UNC SP5 thread), when
you arrange the order so that Netware Services is above Microsoft Windows
Network, browsing the MS network gets very slow, especially from "My Network
Places" etc.

Everyone's "My Documents" are diverted to a Windows server using MS group
policy for safe keeping and backups etc. Users have been reporting very slow
opening of documents lately, and I have been beavering away trying to get to
the bottom of it. One of the things I have done is disable IPX on the
servers, remove it on workstations and re-order the Provide Order so the MS
is at the top. This alone made a dramatic improvement, especially noticeable
when double clicking a network link within "My Network Places". Mapped
drives seem to be quicker as well.

The trouble is I am now stuck between a rock and a hard place because some
people who run local databases (Access) which are set to use linked tables
in a database on a Netware server. These no longer because the database with
the linked tables is set by UNC. This is of course fixable, because I can
repair those links, but the fact is the UNC think bothers me both from a
performance point of view and also the fact there may be more surprises when
I least need them.

By the way, I think I should make this clear. The issue as I have reported
it is probably nothing to do with Netware Client SP5, as I am sure I
remember replicating this using SP3. This is why I have started a new thread
but made reference to the older one.



"Jouko Oksanen" <jouko.oksanen_re@move.efore.fi> wrote in message
> Hi,
> I installed the SP5 client with all valid (not beta) updates and at
> least in my own computer the UNC paths stopped to work.
> It just ends up with windows explorer error "\\xxx\xxx\ in not
> accessible..... The network path was not found"
> Mapping drives work ok in volume root level.
> bugger :(
> -j-