Good Morning,

I would like to inform people of what I found with the issue I had getting Novell Remote Manager working correctly on a SLES 10.2/OES2 sp1. This may or may not pertain to all the posts I have read with others having the same issue:

I discovered that during the installation, when you are asked how to login, I had always been using "Use LDAP". This time I use the top selection of local login only, and completed the installation.

After that, the NRM worked ok. I could login as root or admin from eDirectory.
I had also set the login options to use all except the "gxxxxxx" choices in the LUM configuration and all choices on the ... I think it was the eDirectory setting, I can't remember for sure.

To test, I turned on "use ldap" and it broke the NRM login for admin. I shut it off and it worked again.

I hope this may help a few people with this NRM login issue.