OK, I'm titling this with "deja vu" because I have one location that has a recurring problem. After working successfully for some time ranging from weeks to months, they will eventually get a message about a NICI version mismatch when they try to connect to through to our VPN. When this happens, we get them back online by uninstalling NICI, NMAS and the VPN client and then doing a clean re-install of the VPN client and they get on again... for a while. However, eventually the problem comes back and while I've not been logging dates every time, I get the feeling it's becoming slightly more frequent.

One thing of note; they do NOT have the regular Novell Client installed. They are using the VPN to connect to our network and then connecting to some AS/400 servers we have here as well, they are not using the full on client at all.

As far as what they do have installed, I saw this in their add/remove programs:

NICI (Shared) US/Worldwide (128 bit) (2.6.0)
NICI US/Worldwide 1.7.0 (128 bit)
NMAS Client Components (2.7)
Novell Bordermanager 3.8.15 VPN Client

This last attempt, I found and had them install 2.6.8-2 NICI, but I don't see a way to update them to anything newer by itself. (I know 2.7.3 is out but 2.6.8 was the most current NICI installer I saw.) As far as the VPN software package, I had them use what was packaged with the BM 3.9 SP1 installer, which is what we have installed on a NetWare 6.5SP7 server.

And, to reiterate, what boggles me about this is that everything will work perfectly for a good stretch and then go boom for no good reason (that they're letting me know). Anyone have any advice on what I might be able to do with this? Thanks in advance!