SLES10sp2 OES2sp1 NSS Volume NO ZENWorks installed

I would like to image from a NSS volume with my ZENworks7 images. Could someone please tell me how i would tell ZENImaging where to point for the image? Off a netware box - server map would be

Is it possible to img from/to a linux box w/o ZENWorks installed on it?

I'm transitioning from NW6.5sp7 w/ ZENWorks7. So normally i would just type a //netwareserver/images/myimage.zmg in the imaging kernel

So my question is if i dumped myimage.zmg onto SLES10sp2 OES2sp1 NSS volume, would my path be //suseserver/media/nss/nssvol/folder/myimage.zmg ??

I have tried this and it says it cannot find the image. What am i doing wrong?
I have also tried :

Thank you for all your help or suggestions!