Because i'm apparently incapable of reading the docs correctly:

I've setup a test server already and not sure I did it right.

One physical disk is raw-partitioned for Linux for /boot, /, and /swap

Second physical disk (LUN1) was added and OES sees the raw device.

I simply went into iMangler (OES2 SP1, BTW), went to Storage -> Devices. Found the device for LUN1 and initialized it.
Then I created the NSS volume and pool.

Everything seems fine.

Did I do that right?

The docs (section 3.0) cover the install and "configure", but then I skip to section 9 to create the pools and stuff?

I ask becuase I have a cool solutions article about OES2 SP1 migration and the author has one run the Partitioner and use the EVMS buttons and whatnot to create the container and stuff.

Just want to make sure I didn't screw up and do something wrong.