History; User logon script creates a file \\server\share\%workstationame%.txt. A Zen bundle set to run at logon and again at device refresh deletes that file and creates one in the same directory without the .txt

This lets me know which user/stations are having issues with Zen.

Today I noticed that NONE of my PC's had ran the Zen bundle at logon, or refresh - after 4 refreshes should have occurred.

I then noticed a lot of stale content on PCs & new bundles not deploying. ZAC REF did nothing. Increment bundle version did nothing. I didn't see anything in the logs to point to a problem. HTTPS ZCM was fine.

I reboot the ZCM server and things started working again. It seems I have to reboot every other day now. Two days ago, the HTTPS ZCM site was "not responding" though all services were up.

Known issues, eh?