I just switched from a BB device and BES server to a Samsung Omnia Windows
Mobile 6.1 and GMS 3.01. This is my first install of GMS (GroupWise 7.0.2)
and everything seemed to go smoothly, but nothing gets synchronized to the
device. In fact, GMS looks like it thinks there is nothing to synchronize.
Wireless Email
Outbox (none mailed)
Inbox (no changes)
Drafts (no changes)
Calendar (no changes)
Tasks (no changes)
Contacts (8 updated, 8 sent)
Notes (no changes)
Travel Info (8 new)

(From webconsole activity log)

There are no error messages in the POA log, but the SOAP session is only
about 8 - 10 seconds long (login and then an immediate logout). No error
messages in GMS admin console, but there are a couple hundred contacts in my
Personal Address Book (Sync all contacts is selected), several dozen e-mails
in my GW mailbox, numerous appointments in my GW Calendar, etc.

I don't really know what to expect from GMS, but assumed it would be similar
to my BES server setup. Am I missing something in my setup or expectations?
Any thoughts on where to look for a missed configuration?

Thanks for any direction you can provide.