To whom it may concern

We are using SLES SP1- OES2.We have 4 cluster nodes and 8 existing cluster resources.

When we want to create a new cluster resource, we follow the following under mentioned steps.

> Select cluster Options
> Select new resource > resource > next > add new cluster resource name > inherit frame template - select template Generic IP > Define additional properties > next - load script > next - unload script > next - monitor script > next - resource policies > resource preferred nodes > finish

Then it shows the following error

Clustering error - unknown error with error code : 401 - and if I select OK it shows
Cannot continue because there is not a selected cluster resource

- We did follow Technical Information Document 3753894 to edit the
/etc/opt/novell/ncs/clstrlib.conf file to show the correct admin distinguished name and
password - but without any success.
- We did change the admin password as well
- We did install the latest Version iManager 2.7.2
- We later discovered that it was not iManager that caused the problem.We did a
change on a existing cluster resource, select save and then, it also gave use the
above mentioned error.
- We also restarted all 4 cluster nodes, without any success

Is it save to select the repair option ? What steps must I follow to repair all my cluster resources ?