Need to take back HD space!

I have added (2) 73 gb hard drives to an server for additional drive space for our USERS home directory volume. They were added to the RAID as their own array B. Then I went into the NSSMU utility. I was poking around trying to figure it out since we dont have need to use NSSMU that often and was going to see if I could add only a couple of GB to the SYS volume. SO, not even sure now where I was but I hit the <insert> key and the entire new partition was added to the SYS pool! Dang it! We really needed this additional space for the USERS volume for home directories.

So the question is now can I take this space away from the SYS pool without destroying the pool? The space has NOT been allocated to the SYS VOLUME. Only the SYS POOL.

Thanks for any advice you can offer. I hate to have to use one of our Service Calls for this problem

PS: Novell OES Netware 6.5 SP6

Arden Ward
Rutherford County Board of Education