So we're basically faced with the following options of migrating from NetWare to OES2:

1) Transfer ID and change name after the fact
Pros: Not sure.
Cons: Changing name doesn't seem to be easily doable as lots of eDir references to update and Novell's been silent about whether this works or not on OES2 (ie, what happens with changing the linux name to match, etc.)

2) Transfer ID and change nothing
Pros: Not much to change (have to obviously reinstall software like Gwise, ZEN, and IDM)
Cons: We end up with a bunch of Linux servers named: co-nw-XXX

3) Setup new server and migrate data/services
Pros: Possibly not as much to change as option #1
Cons: Still have to deal with updating all the eDir objects/references (home drives, ZEN app objects, etc.)

So I'm curious to know what everyone else is doing.