I am trying to install ZENworks Desktop Management 7 SP1 IR2 into my OES LInux cluster. I created a cluster volume resource, and with the resource online went throught the installation on the cluster node hosting the volume. The installation completed without any errors reported. The message at the end of the install instructed to complete the installation on all cluste nodes, and then restart the cluster volume resource. The ZDM Installation Guide makes no reference to this at all.

I went to the next cluster node, and began the installation. I got as far as the prompt for the mount point, and indicated the same mount point I did with the first installation. An error was displayed indicating the mount point could not be located, which, although it does make sense since the cluster resource was not hosted by this server, the message at the end of the initial installation specifically said to go through the install on the other nodes and then restart the cluster resource.

So I migrated the resource to this server and continued with the install. The installation failed with the following: FATAL ERROR - class com.novell.application.zenworks.install.installany where.customcode.AWSConfigAction FatalInstallException. I have to wonder if this has something to do with running the install multiple times with the cluster resource hosted by the installing servers.

So my questions are, what does this error mean, and is there any GOOD documentation about the install process referencing installing on all cluster nodes, and if the cluster volume should follow the install nodes, or is there some other way the install should be completed.