There appears to be a disconnect from eDirectory with Zenworks 10 in relation to how Zen7 was a ConsoleOne snapin to eDirectory viewing.

We are migrating from Zen7 to Zen10 and concerned with how to manage our current eDirectory objects while also managing object configuration with Zenworks 10.

If we open ConsoleOne after migrating objects to Zen10 are we looking at old Zen7 data? If we add an object through ConsoleOne are we actually setting up a Zen7 object that will need to be migrated to Zen10 anyway?

Should we use ConsoleOne for adding users and ZCM for all other object management (policies, bundles, apps, associations, etc)?

We do have a running instance of iManager2.7 and installed the zcc.npm module to incorporate Zen10 objects, but I have to admit we laughed when we discovered that all this did was create a browser link to ZCM. Seriously, that cannot be how to manage eDirectory and Zen10 together.

What we were expecting was for newly created Zen10 objects (specifically iPrint policies) to appear in the iManager eDirectory tree browser, but instead the original data from ConsoleOne was still there with no trace of our new policies.

What thought process am I missing?