Can anyone explain why the zenworks login is now appearing when it wasn't for the first 5 months of use? Not all of the 45 or so managed devices show it but most do. It doesn't matter whether the user is logging into windows only or into eDir, sometimes I see the login and the other times I don't.

zcm is running on linux 10.1.3 ver, agents are 10.1.3 and 10.1.0. There is no active directory in the network.

The only change I remember making was I set a user source but as far as I know I have not tied any bundles or updates to users.... but then maybe I had, but didn't realize it since there was no user source. Now I do have a user source. So, (seems like I might be figuring this out as I type this : ) ) if a bundle was scheduled to install during a zenworks login, but there were no users (no user source via ldap) and now there is, does that mean the system would now expect a zen login.

I hope someone can explain this or lead me to so info that can.
Thank you