Hi all

I'm not shure if I hit the right forum, but I got some questions regarding Quickfinder with OES2 on Linux

I'd like to introduce Quickfinder in our company to index our NSS volumes on a OES2 server on Linux. While I was testing, my QF server did abend very often.
I figured out, that it might be related to the files it needs to index. So I'd like to tell it which files it need to index and which subdirectories it should leave alone.

so here are my question:

How can I tell the engine, that it should only index the file extensions that I place in the include field.
The trouble is, that if I tell it, that it only should check "doc xls pdf" for example, it will scan files with no extension as well.

How can I exclude directories with subdirectories ?

I tried to exclude a directory from the scanning, but this is simply ignored, or at least all the sub directories will still be scanned.

any help is highly appreciated

kind regards