Hi all and specifically Craig Johnson if you are available:

I posted a while back on an issue that I was having at a site. Environment

NetWare 5.1 service pack 5
BorderManager 3.7 sp 2
SurfControl 5.0 sp2
NIC Intel 8255x updated with Intel's latest drivers
Latest TCP update from Jan 2004 applied
Server tuned with Craig's Tuneup.ncf
BorderManager being used to http proxy, transparent proxy, content
filtering, firewall

We have a server outside of our BorderManager firewall to which clients
inside of the firewall maintain a persist connection on port 510. Each time
we update our filter exceptions the connections are dropped. When we exit
filtcfg we see the message Reinitializing filters but the NIC does not
reinitialize. I posted on this issue before and Craig recommended updating
the NIC drivers which we did this weekend. We did not update the
BorderManager sp due to a discrepancy on the minimum OS requirements. (See
my previous post from today.) We updated our filters this morning and
connections to this server were dropped. Connections to this server through
the firewall have also been seen to drop when we are not managing the

Can anyone shed any light on what steps to take next to determine why we are
dropping these connections?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Donna Moyer