Hi !

On BM Coolsolutions i read the following:

IP stack on NBM 3.8 and NetWare 6.5 SP 1.1

Question: In order for BM 3.8 to run on NW 6.5 SP1.1, does the IP stack
need to be back-rev'd ?

Answer: You need to apply the latest IP stack update. After applying a
NetWare SP to a BorderManager VPN server, always copy over the latest known
good encrypted stack before rebooting. The latest version of TCP/IP can be
found at support.novell.com. ...

But the readmes of Netware 6.5 TCPIP Updates (example tcp651t.exe) says:

Note: The NULL version of the stack is the recommended version. Do not install
the encrypted version of the stack on a BorderManager server or you will get
public symbol errors.

Which should i use for BM 3.8 SP1 ???