Currently we are running ZfD 7 and Netware 6.5 and have recently upgraded all our workstations to Windows XP Service Pack 2. Our tree structure consists of an OU for each school level, elementary, middle, and high, and an OU for each school in that respective level. Example:

West Main
South Main
Brown Middle

The current contents in each School OU have users, groups, policies, ect. Previously policy was applied by a workstation policy package that distributed all policies: user, machine, and security which were associated with the School OU. Now we split the policy into workstation packages and a user packages. The goal was to have the workstation apply the machine and security policy and the user policy to apply user settings and create dynamic the local user account.

The workstation policy remains persistent on the workstation while the user policy creates a local user (non-volatile) and applies the user policy from a server path depending on group membership. We have four different user policy packages: Student, Teacher, Specialist and Technology. Each with there own group policy user configuration. Everyone in our Tree has the appropriate permissions to access the policies. We configure the user policy package as follows:

Policies  Windows XP
Enabled Dynamic Local User
Enabled Windows Group Policy
Workstation Manager
Network Location
Checked User Configuration
Policy Schedule
User Desktop is active
Advanced Schedule
Interactive User

Groups (Teachers, Students)

I can get the workstation policy to apply with no problem. The problem comes when a users logs on. It doesnt matter if a new user is being created or if they are simply just switching users. User group policy doesnt apply randomly. The strange thing is it does copy down to the machine. If I connect to the admin share on a newly imaged workstation (with no policy applied) and open c:\windows\system32\ you see the creation of GroupPolicy.Usercache Folder and it copies to the GroupPolicy Folder which is were it applies policy from. Also you can see policy dynamically changing if different users logs on. The Registry.pol updates in the c:\windows\system32\ GroupPolicy.Usercache\User folder and c:\windows\system32\ GroupPolicy \User Sometimes group policy applies and sometimes it does not. When a user logs on you see the policy that was copied down apply. For example the run option is taken away from the start menu. During the log on process this remains in effect but when the process completes its almost like policy is take away. When this occurs I can run WMSCHED.Exe and reapply the user policy and it will apply sometimes. I tried applying group policy through both groups and organizational units. Both with the same results. I was wondering if anyone has had issues with applying group policy with ZEN or if I am doing this incorrectly. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.