Sorry about the "hey guys give me priority" look of the post but I really am
under it!

Following the client SP5 debarcle, everything is now gone *** up regarding
my Terminal server and the various logins. I have just made a last ditched
attempt to fix it but alas, more problems.

Anyway, to cut to the chase.

All on Terminal Server (2003)

I had to de-install SP5 client using add remove programs due to teething
issues. (These issues as it happens I believe are unrelated and due to a
stupid user giving me incorrect information. If that hadn't happened I
wouldn't be in that position now!) :-(
I then re-booted
I then installed MS client for Netware
I then re-booted
I then arranged the network order to Windows above netware.
I then rebooted.
I got errors (tthis is perfectly understandable as IPX is not not installed
on the servers, and MS client does not support IP
I then re-installed the Netware client SP3, (stating yes to remove the MS
It gave me loads of errors and stated it was looking for files but gave the
previous SP5 path!
I cancelled, then came up with the brainwave of renming the SP3 folder to
the same as the previously installed SP5 path, and then it installed OK,
except it errored on a single file at the end (don't remember the file!!!)
I then re-installed the proper SP5 again, it installed OK but it assumed
bindery login, despite selecting IP only, remove IPX and the NDS tree option
(not bindery login) on the install.

It's all up the swanny, and I need to try and fix it this evening.

Just wondered if anyone has a ny pointers?

Something has goot screwed with the installation process. Is there a way of
completely removing all remnents of the Novell Netware client after I have
removed using add remove programs (Sp5 or Sp3 or both)?

Thanks a lot,