I've got a problem with the license on the clients.

I created the msi client with the setup /a method, i copied the default policy files to the Client_3\program files\Novell\ZENworks Security Client dir together with the ESM-MS-CER file and the license.dat i used for registering the full version of the server side of ESM.

This client_3 folder i copy to my test machine and there i run the ZENworks Security Client.msi.

After the reboot i need to login which i do (eDir config) and the policy gets applied.
I can see in the about screen that the login succeeded, it has connection with the Distribution system and the management server.

But at the Registration info it tells me that i have a 60 day trial license.

Can anyone please help me out because i need to roll this program out within the next 2 weeks :(

Best Regards Danny