Experienced a strange problem this morning. Found the NW6.5SP8 server hosting GroupWise abended. Restarted and now the MTA will not communicate with the POA. From the log "
11:33:18 2FD MTP: abe-ipS0: Unable to open connection 0x8925. Address =, Port = 7101
11:33:18 2FD abe: Post office now closed"In remote manager I find under failed login log: Time: Monday, 3-16-2009 11:53 amAddress: User: ..CN=MTA.CN=lnaa2.O=LNAA.T=LVI.Time: Monday, 3-16-2009 11:50 amAddress: User: .CN=POA.CN=abe.O=LNAA.T=LVIHave restarted, run dsrepair, gwcheck stand alone all multiple times. At a loss. Any ideas?Thanks