Hi All,

Currently we have a network that is running NetWare 6 SP3 and we have
eDirectory 8.6.x
We have one BorderManager 3.6 server that provides packet filtering,
HTTP proxy and VPN services. We are planning to upgrade to borderManager
3.8 (we have new hardware for the 3.8 server)
Has anyone upgraded from 3.6 to 3.8? Could anyone share any tips and
tricks regarding the upgrade?
What would be the best way to upgrade to 3.8, perform and in place
upgrade and then a server migration to 3.8 or backup all settings on the
3.6 server, build a 3.8 server and restore these settings on the 3.8
With regards to filters, I know that the cards should be named the same
but is it possible to restore filters from a 3.6 server on a 3.8 server?

What about VPN configuration, is it possible to backup the VPN config on
the 3.6 server and restore on the 3.8 server?
Would installing eDir 8.7 cause any problems on our existing network,
i.e would it be better to install eDir on the [Root] Master
prior to installing the BM 3.8 server?

Thanks in adavnce!