I am looking for help with Novell Client on Windows Vista.

If I load Novell Client for Windows Vista 1.0, it takes my users forever to access anything on the Novell file server and they get random "Invalid Handle accessing Drive X:" errors and have to restart their PC's.

If I load Novell Client SP1 for Windows Vista, I see an increase in performance accessing files on the server, however I have problems with re-directed folders, such as the "Favorites" folder no longer working. In other words if I map to drive X:, change the path for my "Favorites" folder to "X:\Favorites", and then go into Internet Explorer, it does not display my Favorites, nor can I add any new Favorites.

The Server is running NW 5.60.05 and the workstations are all running Windows Vista SP1.

Any suggestions, help, etc would be appreciated.