Hi all,

I know this is has a simple answer but I can't wrap my head around it -

I have a primary ZCM server, which uses an external certificate authority using the steps outlined here:
Novell Documentation

So I now want to add a second primary server. I start the install and say it's joining a zone, and it asks for the primary server, port, and whether to use SSL (yes) - I then verify the certificate and put the admin username/password in. Next I'm prompted for an SSL certificate and this is where I'm confused...the documentation here

Novell Documentation

says that "For subsequent installations of Primary Servers to the zone, the CA established for the zone by the first servers installation is used."

so do I use the certificate files I created originially for the first ZCM server, or do I have to create a couple of new ones for this part? (and the line above is refering to the earlier step where I verified the certificate)

Confused! Thanks for your help