Server was an Identity Migration target (source single server tree
nw6sp5/edir8737/gw8hp1 to oes2sp1x64+latest patches), but I have been having
problems with getting cifs to work since the migration. Whenever I go into
iManager, file protocols, cifs & try to make any change other than
stopping/starting the service I get the error in the subject (even to change
something simple like the comment). Other oddities I noticed since the
actual IM swap that somehow might have something to do with this:
users arent LUM enabled or so it seems
the afpProxyUser- & cifsProxyUser- both still have the name of the
premigration linux server, not of the current server
There are still a bunch of objects in the tree dealing with the old server
name (SAS Service - premigname, etc)
the unix workstation object did at least switch to the new server name,
however it had no groups associated to it.
Let me know what other info you might need from me. I would be happy wiping
the CIFS config & starting from scratch, as long as it works in the end
(without of course nuking the entire server....).