I'm wondering if anyone has come across anything like this:

I have implemented VLANs on a site. I'm using a 3750 as the sticky router
and 2950's below. I have created a VLAN for our wireless LAN. All the
machines on the network use a Border Manager proxy for internet access. When
I first applied the VLANS, for a day or so, each machine on the wireless
VLAN would ask the user to authenticate when accessing the internet. They
run CLTrust which should do it's thing with Border Manager and confirm the
users authenticity and then let them through. Machines on other VLANS
weren't affected, just the ones on the wireless. What is more after a day or
so it stopped happening?? I suspect that it is a latency issue, but am not
convinced. (After all the latency caused by the wireless is minimal.) And
also why would this clear up? Could it be that the MAC address tables in the
switch is now reducing the latency?? So would this problem return once
addresses expire from the table, or if the switch is rebooted?? If anyone
has an opinion on this, I'd be glad to hear it.


Rhodri Jenkins