I have a zcm 10.1 server running on w2k3 r2. I would like to move this installation to newer hardware as there are some performance issues.

After installing a new server and running the zman zsr restore job I have a running server with access to all my clients, bundles etc.

The problem is none of the clients can log into this new server. The server itself does not have a login option in it's client icon.

IP-address and domain name are the same as the old server.
https://myserver gives the same certificates as the old server.
https://myserver:2645//CasaAuthTokenSvc/ gives an error. There does not seem to be a service running on this port. However all Novell services are running, including the CasaAuthTokenSvc service.

I installed a new test server with a new zone and tried to restore that server to new hardware with exactly the same results.

Does anyone have an idea what I'm doing wrong or how I can fix this?