This is odd:

I have a directory on an NSS volume on OES2 SP1 Linux.

The path is something like this:

/media/nss/VOL1/directory/subdirectory/aaa/lots of subdirs

If I map a drive via the 4.91 SP5 novell client, it only displays X directories. 49,674 to be exact. BUT, there are more directories than that in there.

If I use NRM, it also doesn't show all the directories (although it annoyingly splits the screen into "chunks" that aren't in total alphabetical order).

But, if I use a Terminal on the OES 2 SP1 Linux server, I can cd into the directories.

Assuming I used this command correctly:

echo */ | wc

It comes back with about 81,646 directories and files there.

So I guess is this a bug in the Novell Client and/or NRM? Or something else?