1 When launching C1 on the oes gui, it prompts for login, however it does
not allow me to actually type anything in. I have to hit cancel, click on
"NDS", then go to file/authenticate & it then lets me type the password for
admin. Any thoughts on this? It is the plain vanilla 1.3.6h for linux
downloaded from download.novell.com (didnt apply the hp2). As an aside, if
the nwclient for linux were to be installed on this oes2sp1 server, will
that pass the auth onto C1 so there is no need to login, or is there no
singlesignon for this?

2 Perhaps this is more of a groupwise question, but it relates to C1. Once I
am finally logged into C1, I always have to click on the groupwise object,
then go to tools/groupwise system operations/select domain (at least the
path to the domain is still in there).