I have a question regarding an upgrade from nw6.0 sp5 to nw6.5 sp8. I have3 servers in my tree aready running nw6.5 sp8, edir 8.8sp4, including the master replica. This is the last nw6.0 edir 8.7.3 server in the tree and I would like to move directly to nw6.5 sp8 by doing an in-place upgrade. Is this the proper path or should I upgrade to nw6.5 sp6 and then to nw6.5 sp8?

I am running Groupwise 6.5.7 on this server and I realise there will be issues with move to Apache2 and my webaccessb but, I am planning to move to Groupwise 8 immediately after upgrade to Nw6.5 is complete. Is this the best route to go?

Thanks in advance