we are doing some testing before deploying the agent in mass and we just stumble on a weird bug! It would seem that, for some reason the adaptive agent on the different pc that we deployed the agent just can't see the server anymore. And, when I check in the properties this is what I get:

Properties of the ZENworks server
Zone: Not available
DNS: Not available
Address of the server: Not available

And, now when I uninstall the agent and clear the image safe data I still can't reinstall the agent after downloading it again from the server. And if I leave the agent on the pc for some reason we get the Novell Gina which accepts only Windows credentials, long story to get this!, and after that we casa asking for our Novell credentials. Finally, when I modify, in the advance properties of the Novell client the option to disable the login without the Novell Gina and enable it again now the first login is the Novell one, follow by the CASA and finally the Windows login.

And there wasn't any modification that I know of, on the Suse server that hosts our ZENworks server. So does anyone have any suggestion to make? I sure need the help here!

Any help will be VERY appreciated!