Heya, all--

Our school system is attempting to test some Acer D150 netbooks, which apparently also use the Attansic (Atheros) AR8114 "atl1e" NIC (device ID 0x1969 0x1026). From other forum posts, it appears that this same network card is in some Asus eee machines.

We can't PXE boot. We're using the Zenworks 7 Feb 2009 imaging update in a Netware 6.5 environment.

Has anyone been able to compile a driver that works? The only one i've found returns a "-1 Invalid module format" error when I attempt to insert it into the environment.

I more details are needed to help me track this down, please don't hesitate to ask!

Mike Pullen
Computer Tech
School District of Baraboo, WI