ProLiant DL380 1.8GHz/1.5GbRam: NetWare 6.5/SP1 / BM3.8/SP1a

Lat night I upgraded the BM server from 3.7 to 3.8. Problems all night
long with renamed NIC boards, Radius, Filters, etc.

I finally got everything working with the exception of what I belive to be
a NAT issue (please tell me if this may possibly be another issue)?

The BM server has a public address on a dedicated NIC, with a secondary IP
address. The secondary IP Address is NAT'd Static and Dynamic. The NAT'd
address points to a Win2K box running GW6.5 WebAccess. All this worked
fine on BM3.7, until the upgrade took place last night.

I unload filters and can access the WebAccess server from the outside
world, however with filters loaded I can not.

Following TIDs, I have tried re-checking and re-saving inetcfg parameters,
switched the TCP stack between domestic and NICI, etc. There is very
LITTLE data out on NW6.5 and BM3.8 so I'm trying here.

The execs are screaming hell... please help!