Hi All,
We used to run Bordermanager 3.7 on a server and used to administer BM
through NWAdmin and the Bordermanager Snapins (Graphics Server?). I would
have installed these spanins for NwAdmin on all other servers on our
I re-osed the server and put BM3.8 onto it. But now when I go to the
server object and click "Bordermanager Setup" I get "The NDS schema cannot
be extended. NDS error -319". I know that the schema did actually extend
fine as it created an Unkown object NBMRuleContainer (Which I deleted
after I removed old server from tree). Also I have multiple other BM
objects Access Control, Client VPN, Gateways etc etc.
My question(s) is .................. eventually ;)
1) Does 3.8 still use Nwadmin snapins and if not what do I use to create
cache volumes/ access control lists etc ?
2) How do I remove old Bordermananger snapins from nwadmin.

Thanks in advance,