Specs: NW6 with SP4e and 512 MB RAM; BM37 with SP3; BackupExec remote agent;

Post install of NWSP4e and BM37SP3, while the server boots it lists in the Logger Screen (4 times) that timesync is waiting for TCP/IP to be initialized, then reports from NBMLICENSE MANAGER: NLSLSP.NLM is loaded. code=C0001003VPTUNNEL is decreasing MTU to 1350 bytes because of buffer size limitations.

At the end of bootup, the following error is displayed in Logger
NWMKDE-103 System Error: 110.24.0 File: SYS:System/Pasrvnfo.db

I had seen some TIDS that referred to NWMKDE errors as possible memory allocation issues. I also have a delay set for loading Strtbrd and VPslave

Any ideas?

Bob & Firas
Network Administrators