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Thread: Accessing calendar from 3rd-party product

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    Carsten Gehling NNTP User

    Accessing calendar from 3rd-party product

    I need to extract information from a specific calendar on a regular basis.
    E.g: Every hour I need to get the entire booked appointments for a person.

    I've tried to find information about exporting this to a text-file to no

    I've also tried to use the iCal protocol, but have had no success in this.

    Has anyone tried any of the above two solutions, or anything else? How did
    you it? What programming language/code-library did you use?

    Help please. :-)

    - Carsten Gehling
    Sarum Webbureau, Denmark

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    Re: Accessing calendar from 3rd-party product

    Hej Carsten.

    You'll need the ObjectAPI as well as the Trusted API.

    Look at developer.novell.com, where you can find the developer kits for

    Otherwise, contact one of the danish Novell Developer Houses, that can
    be found by contacting Novell DK
    Best Regards

    Tommy Mikkelsen

    IT Quality A/S

    Novell Support Forums SYSOP

    Please Report back any success or failure, That way we all learn

    Sorry, but no support through email

    "I hate bugs".......Tommy Lee Jones, MIB

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