I have a software tool that reads the BorderManager web proxy logs and
does stuff based on the log entries. It seems to work fine here. It reads
the log lines as they come in and it takes the appropriate action based on
However, when I try to make it work on a customer's NetWare server, it
doesn't read anything from the log. Its as if no log entires are being
made by BorderManager (although I know they are).
We are both using NetWare 5.1sp6 and BorderManager 3.7sp3. I have tryed
everything to try to duplicate my customers problem here (so I can solve
it), but have been unsuccessful, it always is able to read the log files
at my site.
I assumed it was some file permissions issue, but the customer is logged
into the Windows box (where the border manager files are being read from)
with the Windows administrator account, and the Novell admin account. And
the customer is able to open the log file with other applications like
Can you guys think of something that could be causing this? Could this
still be a file permissions issue some how? Could it be something else?
I'm feeling really lost.