Last week I posted this to the gwobjapi forum, but have since realized
that that was the wrong place for the api that I am using. Here goes again:

I am trying to use the object api to delete an admin-defined field from
a groupwise user. Here is a code snip:

oFields = oUser.AdminDefined
oField = oFields.item(iField)

The delete() method is specifically mentioned in the doc as beign
available for the field object, however when I run it I get an error
that says: Not implemented. I have the version 6.5.4 of the client
installed. Does anyone know if there is a newer version of the api in
which this method is implemented? Any idea why the method would be
documented but then throw that particular error, which is different from
trying to call a method that just doesn't exist.

Here is some more information to make things weirder. I used
oField.value = "" as a work-around to at least get the wrong value out.
This removes both the label and value from the groupwise address book,
however not from eDirectory. If I view the user in C1 or list the
admin-defiend fields using the object api the label and value are still
there. Also, if I Synchronize the user object in C1 the label and value
reappear in the GW address book.

Any help would be appreciated.