I posted this via google groups and it never showed up.. so at some point,
there might be a dupe, but here we are...


I'm trying my first foray into GroupWise programming and I'm attempting
to update a user's netID, which is essentially the dn of the user. The
user has been renamed, in my test instance, from afcsmb1 to afcsmb2.

I get a hold of the IADUser object and try the following...

if(strcmp((char *)&Name, "afcsmb1")==0)
printf("Found usern");
strcpy(DN, FROM_OLE_STRING(bstrName));
strcpy(DN, "afcsmb2.AFC.FIELD.WMATA");
//pIADUser->MoveWithinTree( ConvertToUnicode(DN));

printf("Didn't crash %sn", DN);

Is there anything I'm missing? As you can see, I've tried both
put_NetID and MoveWithinTree. I'm renaming users the LDF and would
like to either rename them in Groupwise, which I don't think is easily
possible, or get them in a position to do a massive graft operation on
a container to relink the eDir account and Groupwise.

Thanks in advance for any help/ideas.