We want to bring the new bm38 into our tree on a new server but we are
running about 15 bordermanager server 3.7 at the moment. Two are proxies,
the rest are vpn slaves. The vpn master is in a different tree.

1.) Are there any limitations for this or do the coexist without any problem

2.) As far as I now we can config the new server for c2s with skip and ike.
Do we need for the skip mode also the new 3.8 vpn client or can we use the
3.7 that is still installed on the notebooks ? And migrate them during the
next months to 3.8 ?

3.) I think ! read in the bm38sp2 beta readme that the c2s user no longer
must be on a replica on the bordermanager server. Is this even with bm38sp1
true that they must be in a replica ?

Thanks for information!